Helpful Tips

A list of basic checks you can do yourself to keep your motorcycle in top shape.

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Pre-ride Checks

You can perform basic safety checks yourself if you have the right tools. This will help you to understand your machine and how it works. It can also help you identify problems you notice while you’re riding.

Here’s a list of basic checks you can do yourself to keep your motorbike or scooter in top shape.

Chain and sprockets

Clean, lube and adjust your chain regularly in accordance with your handbook, and check your sprocket wear.

Clutch, brakes and brake fluid

Check the free play on your clutch lever in accordance with the handbook.
Always check clutch and brake hydraulic fluid levels.
Inspect your brake pads for wear.


This is just as important in the summer as it is in winter, so keep it topped up.

Front suspension

Check for any leaks. Loss of oil from the fork seals causes poor suspension performance and could end up contaminating your brakes, reducing performance.


Test the horn.
Check that all your lights are working and lenses are clean.


Check oil levels regularly.

Throttle check

Make sure the throttle opens and closes smoothly.


Regularly check tyre pressures.
Inspect for damage and wear